Teaching Artist

I teach...

the basic Arts Elements and Principles of Design tools by integrating them into core subjects, which makes it fun to learn and create simultaneously. As students and teachers learn to use the elements of art, the hands-on experiences help them to understand more about art and our visual world.

Visual language consists of pictures, unspoken codes, and symbolism that are all part of our everyday lives. It is not a mystery, and its tools consist of the Arts Elements and Principles of Design.

Not only do students gain an understanding of our visual world through the arts, this knowledge also activates their creativity, critical thinking skills, and empathy.

I teach drawing; pen & ink illustrations; painting with watercolor, acrylic, tempera; Sumi-e and silk painting.

With my love of textiles I enjoy teaching techniques including from Japanese Sashiko, fabric painting, printing and wax resist to all ages.

High School

Konawaena High School students have illustrated lines from songs, poetry and experienced Sumi-e.


Konawaena Elementary students have created Hawaiian studies murals inspired by the art of Herb Kane and paper quilts integrated with math. The second row shows value skills with charcoal, color value with pencil and an illustration of a shell. Images also come from Honaunau school and Hookena Elementary.