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Mixed Media

During October-December 2020 I taught 3rd-5th graders drawing skills. This was done by drawing characters in a sketchbook, using arts elements and principles of design, it was such a fun learning experience for the students and teachers, all were engrossed in their characters, including me.

Recently I was reading Imaginary Animals by Carla Sonheim, I worked through some of her exercises and realized that I was not done drawing my own characters. I found her online and discovered a wonderful teacher. I have just started her Mixed Media 1-year long class and wanted to share projects I did with other teaching artists on her site and my first lesson with Carla.

Here are a variety of different techniques I have been playing with, taught by Carla Sonheim and Nelleke Verhoeff, both illustrators and wonderful teachers.

The mixed-media pieces started with the "Scribble Galore" technique,they start with a scribble of a line done with ball point pen or brush pen and colored pencils. You look at it and see what you see, then draw!

I hope they bring a smile to your face, they are a joy to create.

 Aloha, Ellen


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