My life long connection to Japanese art techniques and esthetics is seen in my artwork. Through my brush strokes, stitched and carved marks on paper, textile or wood, I express feelings of movement, connections and flow.  Dots and circles are used repeatedly in my work to express my beliefs of the connections we share with others and our planet

I instruct students and classroom teachers as an Artist in the Schools and as an Advanced Teaching Artist of Hawai’i. My work has received awards from the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the International Quilt Association, and The Big Island Art Guild, my work is in personal collections from Japan to Europe.  


“I love everything I do within my world of art. I love teaching children. I love being in my studio. I love making beautiful images that help people remember to see and feel that life is beautiful in many ways, even with its challenges.”      Aloha Expressionism  2015



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