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roketsu-zome- Japanese wax resist

The Japanese term, “roketsu-zome” is made from a combination of words. Ro meaning wax, ketsu meaning resist (block-out) and zome to dye. This technique as been used from prehistoric times for creating textile designs. It is the Japanese form of wax resist or batik on any fabric. Melted wax is used as the resist with dyes providing the color. It is similar to working in watercolor as one works from the lightest to the darkest colors. It allows fabric artists to create subtle hues and shadings like none other. Since the dye is applied by painting techniques instead of vat dying as in Indonesian Batik, it allows for much more creativity and excitement to unfold as the dye meets the silk.

Working with rozome (shortened name) techniques on silk since 1996 has been a very exciting medium for me to work in. I use bees and soy wax for my resist and acid dyes for color. Sometimes stitching on my paintings.