My time is shared between painting, stitching and carving. Color, connections & movement are my mainstays. Inspired by color and patterns,  my art reflects patterns in nature and the connections I see between people. This is reflected in my work using brush strokes, carved marks or stitches.

Roketsu-zome, the Japanese art of wax resist combines both painting and fabric, two of my lifetime loves. I paint and teach Sumi-e, Japanese ink brush painting. My fascination with wood started with carving woodblocks, I soon realized I did not like printing, but I love carving wood and painting it.

My being thrives on making art. 

“I love everything I do within my world of art. I love teaching children. I love being in my studio. I love making beautiful images that help people remember to see and feel that life is beautiful in many ways, even with its challenges.”      Aloha Expressionism  2015



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